Double Vision

Some members have reported problems with seeing duplicate or even triplicate markers in Google Earth. These problems arise because Google Earth has the facility to store map files which are then displayed automatically each time Google Earth is loaded.

Sometimes you can save a file inadvertently when closing Google Earth or the program can crash unexpectedly, resulting in the currently loaded file being saved. In such circumstances, if you load the file for viewing as normal you will end up with 2 copies of the file being displayed.

Google Earth has 2 folders for storing map files:

Temporary Places     used to hold any files you load just for the session
My Places                permanent storage: files in the folder are displayed automatically

These 2 folders are displayed in the middle section of the control panel on the left hand side of the screen called Places’.

When you load a map file, it is placed in the “Temporary Places” folder. When you close Google Earth, you receive the following message:

You have unsaved items in your “Temporary Places” folder. Would you like to save them to Your “My Places” folder?
Save              Discard                Cancel

If you select Yes, then any files you have loaded in the session plus any temporary individual markers you have created are saved in the My Places folder. If you select No then the contents of the Temporary Places folder are deleted.

If you are seeing duplicate markers then you will find that both the My Places and Temporary Places folders have copies of the same file.

There are 3 solutions to the problem:

1  Do not load the relevant file anymore – just load Google Earth and the file will appear automatically
2  Switch off the display of the file in the My Places folder. This is done by removing the tick from the rectangular box before the file name under the folder name
3  Delete the file in the My Places folder and then load the file every time and ensure that you select Discard when you terminate the session. To delete the file, right click on the file name below the My Places folder name and then select Delete.

Option 1 is probably the simplest but will present problems when you want to view other files. Option 2 caters for viewing other files but is more complicated. Option 3 is probably the best compromise. With this option, don’t use the Google Earth permanent storage facility at all. Just load and discard files every time.

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