Excel Spreadsheet Files

To download the Excel spreadsheet for a layer, just click on the underlined layer name in the following list.

The Milestones layer is split into English regions, Wales and Scotland as for the Google Maps and Google Earth maps.

The spreadsheets are in Excel 2003 format.

Information on parishes is provided courtesy of English Heritage.

All files have an issue date of Dec 2018.



– See map below
milestones and inscribed guideposts pre-1939
Out of Place Milestones milestones now in museums, gardens etc in public view:
grid reference gives current location; Location field indicates original location
Missing Milestones milestones that have now gone missing (includes stolen milestones)
Boundary Markers boundary markers and pre-1939 commemorative waymarkers
Crosses stone crosses and uninscribed guide posts
Modern Waymarkers new milestones and waymarkers since 1939, excluding replacements
Canal Milemarkers canal milemarkers
Fingerposts fingerposts and village entry signs
AA Signs AA signs
Tollhouses tollhouses
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