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DV TNCH03To download a Google Earth map file, just click on the underlined layer name in the list below.

If you need to install Google Earth on your computer, you can download Google Earth by clicking here or via the menu option Download Google Earth under the Resources main menu option

The main milestones layer has been split into English regions, Wales and Scotland because with over 12,000 milestones the complete map file is too large for most computers to manage effectively. The boundary markers and fingeposts layers have been split into 3 UK regions for the same reason.

Each layer has its own coloured icons as indicated in the list, so that you can see at a glance which is which, when you display more than one layer at a time.

Icons are labelled with their database national ID number for reference purposes. Clicking on an icon will produce a window with information about the marker and a photograph if available. Some photographs are stored in the Milestone Society’s own repository, some are on external sites such as Flickr, Images of England or GeoGraph.

Information on parishes in the map files is provided courtesy of English Heritage.

When you finish using Google Earth, your computer will ask whether you wish to save or discard the temporary map files you have downloaded. If you save them, they will be stored on your computer and will be displayed every time you open Google Earth; otherwise, you can discard them and download them afresh from this web site whenever you wish.

All files have an issue date of Dec 2018.

Milestones – see mapmilestones and inscribed guideposts pre-1939
Out of Place Milestonesmilestones now in museums, gardens etc. in public view:
pin shows current location; pop-up box shows original location
Missing Milestonesmilestones that have gone missing, including stolen milestones
Boundary Markers – Northboundary markers & pre-1939 commemorative waymarkers – Scotland & Northern England
Boundary Markers – Centreboundary markers & pre-1939 commemorative waymarkers – Wales & Midland England
Boundary Markers – Southboundary markers & pre-1939 commemorative waymarkers –
Southern England & Channel Islands
Crossesstone crosses and uninscribed guide posts
Modern Waymarkersnew milestones and waymarkers since 1939, excluding replacements
Canal Milemarkerscanal milemarkers
Fingerposts – Northfingerposts & village entry signs – Scotland & Northern England
Fingerposts – Centrefingerposts & village entry signs – Wales & Midland England
Fingerposts – Southfingerposts & village entry signs – Southern England & Channel Islands
AA SignsAA signs
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