How to Use this Site

DO_SBYT04If you do not already have Google Earth downloaded to your computer, you can do this through the menu option Google Earth under the Resources main menu option.

Once you have done this, you need to download the map files you want to view. For example, you might like to see the milestones in your region, or the national fingerposts. Because there are so many types of waymarker, we have split them into separate layers. So next, use the Google Earth Maps main menu option to select the layer you wish to download. The map file for that layer will then open for viewing in Google Earth. You can download and view as many layers as you wish.

If you would like to download the information as a spreadsheet instead of viewing it in a map, there is the  Spreadsheets main menu option. For searching repository information on-line, there is the Search main menu option.

If you are using a SatNav to obtain locations, the co-ordinates may be given in longitude and latitude, whereas the databases record location in standard Grid References. The menu option Convert Coordinates under the main menu option Resources has a link to a website that provides conversion to OS Grid References.

If you have any technical queries, such as why you are seeing duplicate entries for the milestone pins, look in the tab Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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