milestoneHP(2)This repository site holds extracts of the Society's central records of over 30,000 milestones, boundary markers, fingerposts, crosses, AA Signs and tollhouses throughout the UK and associated reference photographs that can be viewed as maps in Google Earth or spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel or searched on-line. 

Google Earth maps can be downloaded via the Google Earth Maps menu option and Excel datasheets via the Spreadsheets menu option. The menu option Search has a number of sub-options to search the repository for features of interest.

The photographs and hyper-links in the Google Earth files, Excel spreadsheets and search results are derived from a number of sources and you should observe the copyright policies of those sources, for example the links to Images of England, Geograph and Flickr. Where the photographs shown have been provided by individuals, whether members of the Milestone Society or otherwise, these are displayed as 'thumbnails' (low resolution images) and are not intended for commercial use. You may use them for personal research or for PowerPoint presentations to other bodies, for example, but you must attribute them to 'The Milestone Society'.

Repository information has now been frozen and no further updates are planned. However, the society's master database spreadsheets will continue to be updated. Therefore, if you have discovered a new feature or that some of our information is incorrect, you can still tell us about it via the Report a Change menu option.

Our Repository information is being replicated on and new photographs with location details and grid references can be submitted as further development via the Submit a Photograph menu option.

We hope you will enjoy spotting your local features and that you will use this site as a tool to inform your local Conservation and Highways Officers, parish councils, local enthusiasts, to spread the word, to educate and to aid conservation and restoration, or for planning Highways Heritage Walks.

Feedback is always welcomed: you can contact us via e-mail here.